Christmas Games

Want to make your Christmas enjoyable? Well, your search for ideas is over! How about playing Christmas games? Yes... it’s not only for kids but for adults as well… Why not play games with your family, friends, girlfriend, or boyfriend? These games bring family and friends closer and help create a stronger bond. Want to know more about Christmas games? You can start with a trivia game or you can just keep reading about the top Christmas games you can play this year!

Christmas Hunting Game

Just like for Easter, where you hunt chocolate eggs, why not do it for Christmas? Hide some nice chocolates or Christmas gifts in your house or garden and let the guys find it. The good thing is if you find two or three gifts, it’s yours! What’s merrier than getting extra gifts?

Christmas Guess Who

It is one of the most iconic games of all time and you can play it with a Christmas theme… Gather your friends and family and choose a person or object - but don’t tell them and get them to ask yes or no questions. They can guess by using signs or by giving them hints that are related to Christmas. The correct answer wins! Spice it up by making them guess a person as well...

Snowman Bowling Christmas game

You can play this in the snow or at home. Form a bunch of snowmen and grab a bowl. The one that hits the most snowman, wins. If there’s no snow, make them with fake snow or paper. The kids will love this. Plus, you can keep them and play with them the following Christmas.

The Guess the Christmas Smell Game

Play guess the smell game with your friend, blindfold them and make them smell anything such as freshly baked cookies, Christmas tree leaves, nutmeg, cinnamon sticks, old socks… anything you want...

Gingerbread House Competition

Who makes the most delicious Gingerbread? Well, in this competition you will find out. Invite your family, children, or friends in this competition and make them bake… the most delicious gingerbread wins! We are going to see many forms of gingerbread here…

Cookie Decorating Christmas Game

Make your friends bake cookies and decorate them... in this game, you are going to be the judge (and get to eat loads of cookies). The one that makes the best cookies with Christmas theme decoration on the cookie… that person wins. They can decorate it with sprinkles, icing sugar, and make cute forms of the snowman...

Christmas Pictionary Game

Pictionary is a classic and popular game! Why not play this game but in a Christmassy style. Go for Christmas decorations, Christmas movies, or make it harder with Christmas songs! The choice is yours…

Share The Story Christmas Game

Christmas games are fun and most people know the story of Christmas - it's something that has always been passed on. Gather your friends around with some hot chocolate or coffee and narrate any story - be it romantic, tragedy, or even horror… The fun part is you get to create a story... This game can make Christmas creepy – it up to you. But keep it fun! Merry Christmas!