Casino online Switzerland : favorite games of swiss players

Switzerland has a plethora of online casino websites offering excellent games which Swiss players can wager on. However, there is a cloud around the fuzzy gambling laws in Switzerland which most citizens are not comfortable with. Let’s look at the gambling laws in Switzerland, favorite casino games, and some prominent casino websites in Switzerland.

Laws regulating gambling in Switzerland

Before 2017, Swiss citizens were not allowed to wager on online betting platforms. Gamblers could only play at casinos that are based in other nations. Swiss citizens pay heavily on these international casinos, however, the government didn’t get any revenue. This infuriated the Switzerland government, and they came up with the Federal act on money games act of 2018 which regulated all gambling activities in Switzerland. This law also prohibited all foreign bookies from providing gambling l services to Swiss citizens.

The Swiss government aims to reduce companies operating without government supervision. This AMG act allows them to tax betting sites and block online gambling platforms that won’t pay taxes. Though this law was created in 2018, it became effective in 2019. This Switzerland betting act allows the gaming board to blacklist international firms which are not authorized to offer gambling activities (source :

The government allows internet providers in the country to block access to platforms involved in this, however, there aren’t any legal problems for those who insisted on not blocking them. Furthermore, a Swiss government commission known as Gespa has been empowered to supervise all gambling activities.

Favorite casino games for Swiss players

​​​​​​ Let’s look at some recommended games available on Swiss casinos.

Slot machines

Slot machines are popular Casino games in Switzerland that use reels and wheels. It is controlled by an RNG (Random Number Generator) which ensures fairness. These slot machines offer games with clear graphics and good sound systems. The RTPs of the Swiss slot machines are very high. Top casino slot developers in the country are NetEnt, Playtech, and Microgaming.

Online roulette

Roulette is a chance game that has many variants. These variants include French, American, and European. This game involves spinning a ball around a roulette board. You could wager on numbers or color, and it is controlled by a croupier.


Blackjack is a popular table game offered by many Switzerland online casinos. The objective of this game is to reach 21 ahead of the dealer. There are many betting systems involved in this game. Many players use card-counting techniques to have an advantage, however, bookmakers frown at this idea.

Top Switzerland online casinos

​​​​​​ Here are some top Swiss casino websites:

Casino 777

Omni casinos in an excellent casino with huge bonuses. They offer real money games 24/7. Their customer service is always available to.


An legal gambling website that continues to offer slot games, roulette, poker, and other casino games. Their games have a good house edge, and they play fast.


At this casino, you are assured of getting a plethora of casino games with good odds. New customers can get welcome bonuses. They have an extensive selection of slot games to choose from.

This guide has explained the gambling situation in Switzerland, the favorite games Swiss players can play, and some top Swiss online casinos.