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1001 Lines Puzzle
Games Pack :

  Coolumns 2


  Tetra Pack Game

  Falls Pack Game

  Lines Pack Game

  Rolls Pack Game

Swaps Pack Game


Download the 1001 Lines Demo!

Puzzle Game Screenshot
Coolumns Pack
Puzzle Game Screenshot
Tetra Pack
Puzzle Game Screenshot
Lines Pack

1001 Lines is a collection of 6/45+ addictive puzzle games for Windows. It features versions of well-known classics and great original ideas you won’t be able to find anywhere else!
1001 Lines includes Tetra, Coolumns, Falls, Lines, Rolls and Swaps Packs.

Each game includes 5...10 modes of play. Each mode differs in difficulty and game style, giving you a total of 45+ different ways to play 1001 Lines!

Whether you’re a casual or hardcore puzzle gamer, you are sure to find something here that you’ll enjoy for a very long time.

Download the 1001 Lines Demo version now (only 1.5 Mb)
to start experiencing it right away!

Puzzle Game Screenshot
Falls Pack
Puzzle Game Screenshot
Swaps Pack
Puzzle Game Screenshot
Rolls Pack

Once you’re convinced you want to enjoy the Full version,
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Hot News

1001 Lines Major Update: now four free games!

1001 Lines games pack content:

Coolumns pack of 10 games, 1 free game in demo!
Lines       pack of   9 games, 1 free game in demo!
Falls        pack of   7 games.
Swaps      pack of   5 games.
Rolls        pack of   5 games, 1 free game in demo!
Tetra        pack of 10 games, 1 free game in demo!

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