Old school fruit machines that are popular online

Gambling has always been one of society’s most popular activities. The adrenaline of winning versus the fear of losing has stimulated the human race for years.

As with most things, gambling has become more and more sophisticated as technology has evolved. One of the biggest gambling breakthroughs was the production of fruit machines and penny slots that incorporated spinning reels. These reels rewarded particular combinations with huge payouts.

Living in a now almost exclusively digital world, these fruit machines have inevitably become redundant, and the industry has instead moved into the online sector where players visit tailor made gambling sites such as Fruity Reels to play their favourite games.

It is, however, fascinating to see how the same games on fruit machines have survived and improved in their new online format.

Below are the three best example of this.

  1. Cops N Robbers – The Cops N Robbers series has made a seamless transition to the online format by using the same concepts of game play and graphics of its fruit machine predecessor. Using a square board and dice to avoid the ‘cop’, both games offer great fun, and multiple ways for players to win.

  1. Bar-X – The Bar X fruit machines simplicity made it arguably one of the most popular slots of its time. The easy to follow concept of three wheels with three symbols allowed players purely to focus on killer combinations rather than worrying about wilds and other bonus features. Skip ahead to the 21st century and this has changed a little. Swapping three reels for five, and now allowing the players multiple more ways to win means that game play is now more exiting whilst still managing to maintain some simplicity.

  1. Rainbow Riches – Rainbow Riches has provided the chance for punters to chase the ‘pot of gold’ for years. Originally a fruit machine game, the series has developed by increasing from three to five slots and paying out more frequently on line combinations. The series is best known for its ‘chase the pot of gold feature’ and it is nice to see that the concept and game play of this feature has remained the same from the old fruit machine.