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1001 Lines puzzle games pack

 All You Need Is Love! ...

And 1001 Lines PC Games Pack!

Cool Levitation! new tetris game for Android!

Cool Levitation! free puzzle game on Google Play

Read more about Cool Levitation!

Tetris + Collapse = Falling Color Bricks 2 for Android!

Falling Color Bricks 2 free game on Google Play

Read more about Falling Color Bricks 2...

Block Puzzle Levitation tetris for Android

Block Puzzle Levitation free game on Google Play

Read more about Block Puzzle Levitation...

Falling Color Bricks puzzle game for Android

Falling Color Bricks free puzzle game on Google Play

Read more about Falling Color Bricks...

2048 REVOLUTION! puzzle game for Android

Play online 2048 REVOLUTION!

Read more about 2048 REVOLUTION!

1001 Lines major update: now 4 free games!

Download 1001 Lines 45+ Games Pack demo!

Read more about 1001 Lines...

Rotary Puzzle - new game released!

Download Rotary Puzzle free game ver 1.3.2

Read more about Rotary Puzzle...

VMGames releases AR9 ScreenSaverS Pack

   Download Art Revolution 9 ScreenSaverS Pack

Watch natural sunsets on background moving clouds and alive sea on your desktop. Screensaver displays five beautiful sea sunsets and other images, which is differently repainted and animated by means of new art revolution realtime technologies.
ScreenSaverS Pack Content: The Palm, Sea Sunset, Deserted Mirage, Sea Sunrise, Sea Panorama. Read more...

Click for Big Picture ScreenSaver Animated Desktop Picture

JDKSMIDI C++ midi library

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This library (under name jdkmidi) was originally a collection of utility functions for MIDI written in C back in 1986 for the Atari ST computer. Since then it has evolved into a fairly powerful C++ MIDI Library including:
* Standard MIDI File type 0 and type 1 reading and writing.
* Timestamped MIDI message and System Exclusive encapsulation.
* MIDI Track objects for editing MIDI events and sequencing.
* MIDI message process chains.
* Containers for multiple MIDI Tracks with iterators.
* Several application examples, there is even cool random generator of the music!
* And many more... my fork of jdksmidi project on GitHub.
C++ MIDI Library Source Code released under the GNU GPL ver 2.
Supported Operating Systems: win32, win64, Mac OS X, Linux.

Dichotic harmony for the musical practice

The dichotic method of hearing sound adapts in the region of musical harmony. The algorithm of the separation of the being dissonant voices into several separate groups is proposed. For an increase in the pleasantness of chords the different groups of voices are heard out through the different channels of headphones. Is created two demonstration program for PC. (coming soon) Article is published on

The Information Theory of Emotions of Musical Chords

The paper offers a solution to the centuries-old puzzle - why the major chords are perceived as happy and the minor chords as sad - based on the information theory of emotions.
A theory and a formula of musical emotions were created. They define the sign and the amplitude of the utilitarian emotional coloration of separate major and minor chords through relative pitches of constituent sounds.
Article is published on

Work on iBook System

iBook System is new experimental interactive electronic magazine with games, texts and advertisment. Read more... (coming soon)

VMGames releases Casual Chess 1 Moves Generator

   Download Casual Chess 1 Moves Generator

New variant of Chess game for Casual players with random moves generator. You also need to have an regular chess board and a second player. The interface of the game has been specially made for simplification of translation to any other language.

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VMGames releases 1001 Lines

1001 Lines Games Pack is a collection of 30 addictive puzzle games for Windows.

1001 Games Lines Games Pack includes Coolumns - Cool Columns, Falls Pack - Collapse game like, Lines Pack, Rolls Pack and Swaps Pack puzzle games collections.

VMGames Feedback

What did you like most in our puzzle games lines?

-A different sort of puzzle games, that provides quick action and forward thought.
-More challenge than most other puzzle games lines of this type.
-Relaxing game play, thinking of next moves.
-It’s fun! Enjoy that it is a mental games as opposed to one requiring physical dexterity.
-Hard do say, I just like it...

Which turn-based puzzle games do you like better, than our puzzle games lines?

-Dynamite and Bejeweled puzzle games by Pop Cap.
-Can’t think of any that I like better. I play Snood, Polysquares puzzle games, 5 Star Free Lines, but I can’t say any are better.
-Not better, but the same game: AirXonix.
-At the time none.

Which puzzle games are the most similar to our puzzle games lines?

-Tetris and Bejeweled puzzle games.
-Some puzzles from Kyodai games.
-I don’t know the names, I don’t play other puzzle games.
-Autumn Lines, Arcade Lines, V Tetris puzzle games.
-None! That’s one of the things I like about Coolums - it is unlike any other game I’ve played.


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